Training centre

It seemed necessary to find a place that would house the needs of an advanced training centre, as our staff’s and partners’ training needs have increased. Therefore, the former training room, which was located in the central facilities of the Coffee Island company in Patras, has been transferred to an autonomous place, where the simultaneous training of more people can be achieved, based on the company’s standards set by the Training Department of our Company.

The new training centre, that occupies an area of 110sqm, includes a seminar hall, a barista lab with professional espresso machines and a brewing bar, as well as a coffee shop laboratory with coffee storage silos and grinders for all types of coffee and a gift corner with all the useful items for preparing and enjoying coffee and tea at home.

The aim of training in such a well equipped training centre is to give the staff of a new store the opportunity to become familiar with their future workplace, to find out the secrets of particular procedures applicable in a Coffee Island store concerning its management, preparation of beverages, coffee grinding, handling, cleaning and maintenance of the engineering equipment.



So, is coffee science? This is a difficult question. It is considered that coffee is art and while practicing it experience becomes knowledge.

Since knowledge is produced, we believe and invest in coffee as science. For this reason, we have established a study and research laboratory concerning coffee in the central facilities of the company in Patras.
The laboratory is divided into the following areas:

Grading samples of green coffee: an area equipped with all the necessary equipment (hygrometer, coffee sieves, defective grains standards etc.), where we grade the green coffee samples before they are led to the Production Unit or the sample roaster for roasting.

Sample Roaster: an area where the most beautiful and rarest smells come from… where the samples of green coffee that arrive from all ends of the earth dance rhythmically to a Coffee Island FZ-94 and release their richest secrets…their aromas. A trusty Neotec chromatograph is necessary in order to understand and define the roasting degree given by each profile.

Espresso & Brew bar (Preparation of espresso & extraction methods): two espresso machines are always ready to turn -with the use of filtered water-the ground coffee beans into the most popular beverage in the world, the espresso coffee. At the same time, we can carry out all the possible extraction methods of filter coffee in the
brew bar using the appropriate utilitarian object (Hario Dripper, Hario Syphon, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press etc.). All beverages are subject to brewing chart (espresso or filter) with the use of the appropriate devices (refractometer etc.) and the results are included in the tasting process that follows.
In addition, all the tests that have to do with the water quality and the impact it might have on the flavour profile of each beverage are carried out in this area.

Cupping Room: an area built according to the standards of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) where we taste roasted coffee with various methods (espresso, brewed, Brazilian), as well as extracted tea. Here, light intensity, moisture and temperature, as well as smells in the air are so controlled as not to affect the cupping process.

Processing coffee

Discovering the secrets of coffee demands effort, passion, perseverance, investment in equipment and people, vision and love for the product. Coffee Island is trying to differentiate itself from the other Coffee on-the-go stores, as it has its own coffee production units, which gives it control of all the coffee products available at the Coffee Island stores.

There are two ultra-modern processing and packaging coffee units in the area of Patras. Investing in engineering equipment gives the company the opportunity to ensure its quality under the given increase in production, resulting from the continuous growth of its network.

The units contain two coffee roasting machines, coffee storage silos and packaging machines. The units are certified by the ISO22000 standard for the food safety management.