We believe and invest in coffee as science.

Supplying green beans from the best farms in the world, creation of blends, finding the ideal roasting curve, the ritual preparation of beverages, constant checking, measurements, design and set-up of a store, training staff of new and old stores and their continuous support… all are dealt with a scientific way and attention to detail.


We constantly strive to enrich our knowledge in line with the internationally recognized certification standards. Therefore, we have managed to become members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and hold ISO 22000:2005. In addition, three members of our company hold the SCA Coffee Diploma Award. All the above activities aim to maintain and develop our network in a steady and sustainable way, based on three pillars that constitute our basic principles:

– Respect the consumer providing high quality products and services.
– Respect the entrepreneur who trusts our network to fulfil his business plans and dreams.
– Harmonic combination of a traditional coffee shop, which has always been an important part of the Greek neighborhood, with a modern espresso bar.