Brazil Santa Feliciana


Brazil Santa Feliciana

Altitude: 800 – 1.000m

Location: Jacarezinho, Parana, Brazil

Process: Natural Process – Cold Soul

Farm: Santa Feliciana

Arabica Varietal: Obata


Cupping Notes

 Aroma of cinnamon and roses, flavour of red cherries and almond, with rich oily body and nutty aftertaste.

Brazil Santa Feliciana

This time, Microfarm Project® sails us to Brazil, to our own dowry, the Santa Feliciana farm. Santa Feliciana is located at an altitude of 900 meters, in the city of Jacarezinho which is closely related to the history of coffee, as it was one of the first farm in the Parana region. Parana was the starting point for Brazil’s coffee cultivation and trade, as well as for the economic development of the city of Jacarezinho. The special climatic conditions combined with the soil geomorphology help the growth of the Obata varietal, characterized by a complex fruity profile, resulting in a high quality cup.

Obata Varietal  

Obata is a new and rare varietal! It’s a hybrid of two different varietals, Timor and Villa Sarchi. Obata varietal is a low tree with broad green leaves and large red fruit. Its secondary branches blossom and increase the productivity of this tree, compared to the Bourbon or Catuai varietals. It has been cultivated to overcome common coffee diseases. Discreet essence of milk chocolate and caramelized fruit and nuts make this coffee unique. This beverage is of high quality, with a fruity profile.

Direct Trade – Cold Soul

Direct Trade is our starting point and our value. We travel across the world, we choose our land, we meet our farmers in person and they provide us with our exclusive Specialty Coffee. Santa Feliciana is one of our farms. “Cold Soul“ is the evolution of the natural process, created by Luiz Saldanha and his wife Flavia. Coffee beans are rinsed with iced water. After the harvesting, the beans are placed in a tank filled with cold water for more 10 hours. Afterwards, they are spread on concrete surfaces to resume the natural process. The result is coffee flavour with intense aromas, higher sweetness and shiny acidity.