El Salvador Vista Hermosa


El Salvador Vista Hermosa

Farm : Vista Hermosa

Altitude : 1000- 1150 meters

Area : Canton Caña Brava, Coatepeque, Santa Ana

Processing Method : Yellow Honey Process

Variety : Arabica – Pacas

Harvest  : October to May


Taste Profile: An aroma of caramelized nuts, apricot and dried vanilla, a pleasant and sweet acidity, oily body and a sweet aftertaste of red cherries.


El Salvador
This coffee was originally cultivated in El Salvador for home consumption in the beginning of the 19th century. In 180 the coffee became the main export of the country. The significance of coffee production in El Salvador’s community was extremely important, not only because of land ownership but also because the coffee industry acted as a stung catalyst of changed and brought about the development of infrastructure (roads and railroads) and as a mechanism for incorporation of the native population in the national economy

Pacas Family
The Pacas family is widely known all over the world for its relationship with coffee and its cultivation. A history that goes back 5 generations, when in 1800 Jose Rosa Pacas planted Arabica Bourbon variety coffee trees on the slopes of the Apaneca Lamatepec mountain. His love for coffee passed from each generation to the next, until the year 1905, when Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa discovered a cluster of different coffee trees in one of the plantations.

Arabica Pacas
The Pacas variety is a natural mutation of Bourbon (supposedly Cattura) that was discovered in the beginning of the 1900s at El Salvador by the Pacas family. It maintains a large number of the priorities that are much sought after from the Bourbon coffee variety and is famed for the nicely balanced citrusy quality.