Ethiopia Sidama Ardi


Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

Washing Station: Biru Bekele

Altitude: 1850-2100 meters

Location: Guji, Sidama, Kilenso Moconissa

Process: Natural

Arabica Variety: Heirloom

Harvest: November – February

Taste profile:

Spicy aroma of chocolate and red grape, chocolate taste of grapes and caramel, silky and full body, long, refreshing and clear aftertaste.

We continue with another travel in taste with the Microfarm Project at Guji, a small area in the greater Oromia area, the Sidama province of South Ethiopia. It is located approximately 65km away from Southern Yirgacheffe and 300km from Northern Kenya. Approximately 2 years ago the government of Ethiopia discovered the high quality of the Guji area coffees that were sold simply as Sidama coffees. Since 2016 the Ethiopian government realized the exceptional quality of all coffees grown in the area and now grades the specialty coffee produced in the province separating them from the rest Sidama coffees.

Washing Station Biru Bekele

The collection of the Ardi is done by hand with exceptional care from approximately 1500 microfarmers and is then sent to the Biru Bekele washing station. Afterwards, it is laid out on elevated drying beds otherwise known as African beds and remains there for three weeks until it reaches the target moisture level. During this time, it is constantly checked and stirred so it dries evenly and is enriched with all the sugars and aromatic substances found in the flesh of the coffee cherry. This process, otherwise known as the dry or natural process, gives a rich body and long aftertaste to the coffee, with a clean taste and complicated fruity aromas.