Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural

Farm : Rocko Mountain

Altitude : 1950 – 2150 metres

Location : Haricha, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Process : Natural

Variety : Arabica Heirloom


Cup profiles :  strawberry, apricot and milk chocolate fragrance with hints of fruit and honey, complex  citrusy notes, full body and long-lasting yet clean aftertaste of caramel and chocolate.


We continue another journey in flavour for our Microfarm Project® in Yirgacheffe, a small district in the area of Sidama in South Ethiopia, widely known as the birthplace of coffee. Yirgacheffe coffee is also know as “garden coffee” as it is grown on very small plots, often in the backyards of small dwellings. It grows at altitudes over 2000 meters above sea level under shade trees alongside other crops. Due to the natural process, this coffee bears a very distinctive flavor that incorporates an intense citrusy acidity accompanied by complicated aromas of fruits and chocolate.



This variety has been processed through natural methods of treatment. Everything starts by gathering the seeds and passing them through special screens in order to preserve only the best. Air drying follows, where the seeds are spread on special drying beds and are covered with cannabis sheets. During this step, the phenomenon of osmosis is observed and the fruit shrinks and loses its moisture. The grain is enhanced by naturally occurring sugars and aromatic substances that you will find in the flesh of the coffee, resulting in the characteristic pure taste accompanied by the sweet, fruity scent.