Hario Syphon


Some Facts: The manual Syphon coffee maker was designed in Berlin around 1830. Over the years, there have been several variations of the device regarding the material of the chambers (usually glass), as well as the filter (cloth, plastic, etc).

A Syphon device extracts coffee using water boiling in the bottom glass chamber that due to vapor pressure is pushed up into the top chamber, where it is mixed with ground coffee. When the heat is removed, coffee passes through the cloth filter into the bottom chamber, leaving the spent grinds in the top chamber.

Profile: Hario Syphon (made in Japan) is probably the most scientific brewing method, actually offering the cleanest (due to the cloth filter) and the most balanced and spicy flavor outcome, since water is kept at the correct temperature throughout the extraction.

Filter: A reusable Syphon cloth filter is used


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