Santa Maria De Lourdes


Nicaragua Santa Maria De Lourdes

Farm : Santa Maria de Lourdes

Altitute : 1.350-1.550 meters

Area : Sand Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Processing method : Natural

Variety : Arabica (Caturra, Catuai & Javanica)

Owner : Octavio Peralta


Cupping notes : High intensity, aroma of red fruits, raisin and caramel, sweet acidity, silk body, high sweetness.


Latin America Country. Many experienced coffee farmers fled during the years under Sandinista rule of the late 1970s to the 1990s. When the political scene changed, those farmers returned and not long after, Nicaragua started to produce some very good coffee.

However, the devastating effects of Hurricane Mitch and the prolonged world coffee price crisis created further giant -sized hurdles for a country that can, and now does, produce some very desirable coffees indeed.

Santa Maria de Lourdes Farm
Situated in altitudes ranging from 1350 to 1550 meters above sea level, Santa Maria de Lourdes embodies a diverse range of luscious vegetation and wildlife brought about by high levels of annual rainfall. The climate at Santa Maria de Lourdes is much more humid which means the coffee trees are more sparsely planted to ensure everything is properly aerated.

Peralta Family
The 50 hectares of natural mountainous forest has been under the ownership of Octavio Peralta since 1970, though for many years the area was used as war land during the Sandinista uprising and was heavily mined. The UN cleared the area of mines in the late 1980’s and Octavio began to restore exceptional coffee production to this relatively wild area in 1994.